Farmer holding fresh ripe tomatoes in his hands - Our Policy - Whenever possible, southeastern grocers sources produce from local farms and orchards

Local Produce Sourcing Policy

At Southeastern Grocers, we embrace our great responsibility to our customers, our associates and our environment when sourcing fresh produce. With nearly 100 years of experience in the southeast, we treasure our home and all of its natural beauty. From expansive farmlands to beautiful orchards, produce is naturally abundant and always picked at the perfect time of year for the best flavors.

Whenever possible, we are proud to source produce from local farms and orchards to offer our customers and their families the freshest, most delicious produce available. This sourcing method allows us to support, and partner with, local families and businesses that have harvested the land for generations and share our commitment to stunning quality and value.

Locally grown produce takes less time and resources for transport so items are available earlier after harvest and stay fresh longer, resulting in more flavorful, nutritious fruits and vegetables for our customers. Shorter transport times also provides lower prices for customers, lessens the chance of food loss due to transit damage and lowers our greenhouse gas footprint. Additionally, supporting local producers helps to preserve vital farmlands and green spaces in the communities we serve. That’s what we call a Winn-Win!

Our Policy: Whenever possible, Southeastern Grocers sources produce from local farms and orchards.


  • We work with our growers to provide a high standard of fresh produce planting, growing and harvesting.
  • All of our produce is inspected by our growers, by our distribution centers and by our stores to provide the best quality product we can for our customers.
  • Southeastern Grocers’ organic products are sourced from certified organic farmers who follow the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines for organic farming, ensuring their crops are grown without synthetic herbicides or pesticides.