Indirect/Non-Resale Suppliers

Indirect suppliers are vendors that supply services and non-resale products critical to Southeastern Grocers'​ goal of making the shopping experience personable, fun and fresh for our customers. We conduct a thorough sourcing process to select business partners that will best support each of our indirect supplier categories. If you would like to be considered as an indirect supplier for Winn-Dixie​, you’ll need to register for our indirect supplier sourcing process. Please note that this process is separate from our direct supplier sourcing process.

Indirect Supplier Categories

If your company offers services or supplies that match up with an entry on the list below, you are eligible to register for Winn-Dixie's​ indirect supplier sourcing process.

  • Construction
  • Finance/ Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Other Corporate Services
  • Store Operations
  • Store Maintenance
  • Warehouse/ Logistics

It’s Easy to Register as an Indirect Supplier

We use the Ariba E-Sourcing platform to register indirect suppliers.

Get Started

Your company will be directed to the Ariba commerce site to create a username and password in order to access the Ariba commerce site in the future. After completing the username and password information, your company will be required to fill out the company profile questionnaire. Once you complete your registration, your information will be stored with Winn-Dixie​ and the appropriate Sourcing Manager will be notified.

For questions or technical issues, please contact the Ariba help desk at 866-218-2155.

What to Expect Next

After your company registers in Ariba and is approved, you will receive an email to confirm that you have been approved as a new vendor. The next time Winn-Dixie​ sources a category that your company supports, your company may be notified and invited to participate. Selection will be based on how closely your services match up with our needs.

Advantages of the Ariba E-Sourcing Platform

Ariba facilitates Winn-Dixie​'s registration and approval process and allows us to conduct sourcing events in a centralized place. We can compare registered suppliers based on the categories they support and conduct RFXs as needed. The biggest benefit is better communication throughout the sourcing process.

How to Become EDI Compliant

If you anticipate processing 12 or more invoices a year, Winn Dixie requires that you become EDI compliant. Achieving EDI compliancy is easy, and the advantages for both parties are significant.

Please contact SPS Commerce by email or phone to initiate the process for becoming EDI compliant.


Phone: 888-739-3232

Once you’re compliant, use the below Invoice Guidelines document to create invoices. We’ve included a purchase order sample for reference.